Fun with PhotoSynth and Bundt cakes…

Posted: February 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

Well, I’m a COLTS fan! What better way to celebrate our second trip to the Superbowl than a stadium shaped Bundt cake? But I’m also a geek, so why not also make a synth of said Bundt cake?

Here’s the Bundt cake (more photos here):


Here’s the links to the synths (I created two, just playing around with synth): (updated Feb 8 to fix some broken links, whoops)

First try:

Second try:

In case you don’t know what PhotoSynth is… It’s a sweet free tool from Microsoft where you can take photos of an environment or object from many different angles, zooms, and perspectives and it will combine them all into a 3D environment you can navigate. That 3D environment also uses Microsoft’s “Deep Zoom” technology to enable instant loading of the synth at any resolution – loading only the part you need to view, but at the detail you need.

Try it out and let me know what you think. Or, create your own Synth today!

Bundt Cake Tech Specs:

  • Mould was stadium shaped
  • Blue sugar and white vanilla chocolate chips are in the cake
  • Gummy bear spectators (hey, the Bears couldn’t make it to the ‘Bowl this year)
  • Cream cheese frosting spires
  • Aluminum foil Goodyear blimp (thanks to Steve for the idea)
  • Green M&Ms for the turf
  • Blue and White M&Ms for the Colts on the field, black and gold for the Saints
  • Blue (Blueberry) and White (Coconut) Jelly Bellies for the Colts team on the sideline, Black (Blackberry) and Gold (Banana) Jelly Bellies for the Saints
  • Vanilla icing for the sideline
  • Some candy sticks for the field goals
  • Plastic Colts emblem in the end zone

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