Windows Phone 7 Series Developer Session 2 – Auri’s Journal

Posted: March 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

Presented by Charlie Kindel @ckindel

  • Two dev approaches: Silverlight and XNA.
  • If it’s Silverlight 3, it will work.
  • Some elements of Silverlight 4 are in there.
  • Charlie says the version of .NET doesn’t matter.
  • WCF is there as a key feature.
  • Photo functionality provided.
  • Supposedly there are 500,000 Microsoft developers worldwide. That’s a lot, but I thought there were a lot more.
  • How apps get access to sensors, get paused, and so forth is the same across all platforms.
  • Pickers for contacts and photos (like in .NET CF).
    Integrated with Cloud Services.
  • To write an Xbox Live enabled game, you do NOT have to use XNA. You can use Silverlight instead.
  • Apps run in a managed sandbox.
  • All of your code is managed code running in the managed framework (CLR).
  • Windows CE underneath. Abstracted away certain levels of it.
  • The sandbox is somewhat secured against OS access.
  • Apps apparently must say what resources they will use (like Android’s manifest permission feature) otherwise they cannot access it. They aren’t showing this capability as of yet.
  • All apps will be XAP – not EXE.
  • Common format for all Windows Phone apps and games.
  • XAP is basically a renamed ZIP file.
  • Declarative, manifest-based installation.
  • Note that the tools download is a CTP, not a release.
  • They weren’t able to get the Expression Blend 4 installer into the CTP, but it is available separately.
  • The next CTP / release will have EB 4 included.
  • You register your phone on a developer portal, and that “Developer Unlocks” your phone. Hmm.
  • Supposedly the certification process is being fixed so you know what’s going on at all times during the certification process.
  • Marketplace will no longer be a separate app. It will be integrated into the phone for acquiring content, including music, videos, podcasts, and applications.
  • For example, you can buy games in the Xbox hub, Music in the music hub, and so forth.
  • People are wondering what the “contoso” link is for in the app store.
  • Try before you buy. There will be a flag in your app for “Is Trial” and that will tell your app it’s in trial mode.
  • Payment flexibility: Mobile operator and credit card billing.
  • The “Try before you buy” functionality is not in the current CTP.
  • Resources:

  1. Kevin says:

    Nifty, Thanks for info

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