MIX Day 2 Keynote – Auri’s Journal

Posted: March 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

Notes from the MIX Conference Day 2 Keynote:

Internet Explorer 9, HTML 5, Hardware Acceleration

>> Download IE9 beta at www.ietestdrive.com

  • Presenting: Dean Hachamovitch, General Manager, Microsoft
  • HTML 5 will make experiences feel like real apps rather than Web pages
  • Key takeaways: IE9 will hardware accelerate HTML 5 through the GPU and taking advantage of multiple cores
  • IE8 the most used browser on the Web
  • IE6 had a funeral last week (oddly, the mirror effect shows a 9 <grin>)
  • Showing IE9s Sunspider performance, and it’s a lot better than IE9
  • Making Javascript faster: Compiled JavaScript, compiled in the background, take advantage of multi-core by compiling on a separate core than the browser’s core affinity
  • addEventListener() is now in IE9.
  • IE9 passed CSS3 selectors test 100%. (578 of 578 tests)
  • Doing a demo of IE9, Firefox, Chrome CSS rendering.
  • Announcement: Microsoft will now be contributing DOM, CSS3 Standards Compliance Tests to W3C. Over 100 test cases submitted to help designers address these issues across browsers.
  • Demoing GPU-Powered HTML5, presented by Steve Sinofsky (sp?), President of Windows division
  • Very cool how fast it is.
  • They’re showing Clippy, rendered in SVG. Cool. Bummer – they’re not animating his eyes, but okay, I’m still cool with it 🙂
  • Using DirectWrite to do subpixel rendering and ClearType
  • Announcement: Hardware-accelerated SVG, and contributing SVG Standards Compliance Tests to W3C
  • Announcement: Platform preview available for download today. Updating the preview "about every 8 weeks.”
  • The preview does not have phishing protection, but it does have developer tools. So, remember this is a preview, and not for general consumer use / main browser use yet 🙂
  • HTML5 Video demo of YouTube HTML 5 demo.
  • Showing a Windows 7 Netbook with hardware video decoding. Showed Chrome playing HTML 5 HD video (720p). CPU, both cores, 100%, trying to decode video. Lots of frame dropping.
  • Now showing same in IE9 – works with practically no dropped frames, and looks pretty good, and CPU hovering around 40%.
  • They scrolled down and showed multiple HD videos running at the same time. Very cool. Note that video was 4 megabits/second.
  • Demo: Video Carousel
    • In Chrome it’s pretty slow, but still somewhat performant
    • In IE9, it looks much better, has full opacity, and plays very smoothly
  • PC Hardware + Windows for a better browsing experience – that’s what they’re pushing.
  • Note: The code name for IE9 was Chakra
  • Call to action: GET OFF IE6! PLEASE!

Visual Studio 2010, ASP.NET 4 Improvements

  • Scott Guthrie Presenting
  • Smaller viewstate (yahoo!)
  • Many of these things are not new news – but VS2010 and ASP.NET 4 will be great
  • Semantic URLs supported out of the box
  • New UI and Scaffolding Helpers
  • Ajax development significantly improved
  • JQuery intellisense and much more intellisense Javascribe support
  • Store multiple configuration settings for different environments (yay!)
  • Database deployment now also built-in for publishing sites
  • Scott Hanselman, principal Program Manager, Microsoft, demoing the product
  • Intellisense no longer requires you to use the beginning of a word – you can use just a piece, or camel casing. So, if you’re looking for HttpCatchException, you can just type cache or HCP. Cool!
  • Client-side databinding expressions such as {% if (Stock < 5 %} – for example, when you’re consuming a JSON data source on the client side
  • The database schema and scripting publish feature is just way cool.

Improving JQuery

  • Announcement: Microsoft will be contributing code to the JQuery effort.
  • Bringing John Resig, Creator of JQuery, on stage.
  • JQuery has a 30% market share.

Web Platform Installer

  • More than 10 million downloads in the past 12 months.
  • The Orchard Product – lightweight CMS and blogging engine, fully open source.

WebsiteSpark and BizSpark Programs

  • Microsoft WebsiteSpark and BizSpark – no cost, no obligation Web site launching solution. WebsiteSpark gives developers Visual Studio, Expression Studio, and other software, including 2 server licenses, for independent contractors and small businesses with 10 or fewer employees. Pretty cool.
  • Michael Comperda, Director of Technology at Curse, on stage (Web gaming company)
  • Before BizSpark they used LAMP is things were terrible

More downloads available at http://microsoft.com/web

Services Powering Experiences

  • Doug Purdy, Microsoft
  • Everyone at Microsoft loves Twitter
  • Open Data Protocol for those who understand ATOM and ATOM Hub
  • Announcing Netflix is using OData
    • Uses SQL Azure.
  • Expression language entirely in URL, no other code necessary – neat-o
  • Announcement: Support for OData on iPhone.
  • Every SharePoint 2010 list is an OData feed.
  • OData support will be available via Excel 2010 using PowerPivot.
  • Many OData feeds coming in other Microsoft products, inclduing jQuery, Acure, SQL Acure, Server 2008, Silverlight, Dallas, Windows Phone 7 Series, Dynamics, PHP, SQL 2008, Restlet.
  • Announcement: Releasing .NET OData under the Apache 2 License.
  • :Lots of partners.
  • More information at http://www.odata.org.
  • Announcing Project Houston: Web-based method to builld databases inside a Web browser using Silverlight.
  • Automatic OData service for any SQL Azure database.

Codename Dallas – Monetizing Your API

Question: Has anyone else noticed they’re not mentioning Android or Google at all during these keynotes? They’re mentioning the Pre and even Apple, but no Google properties… interesting.

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