Grandma’s Journal

I’m going to try adding a new entry from my Grandmother’s journal every day. These are her travels from the late 1960s and beyond. I’ll also try to scan in a copy of the pages. I hope you enjoy reading about her travels just as I have.

April 19, 1967

Well the Goodmans are off again & it started off with a bang. Never let it be known our life was a dull one. Karen made her first debut driving us to O’Hare. I was a little worried about her but thank goodness she got home safe and sound. Met the nicest people. Dr. & Mrs. Brown & Gary. But it didn’t last long. Alvin messed it all up by poking himself in the eye & losing a contact. It’s unbelievable he was so nervous I couldn’t believe it. He had me crawling all over. Our plane was ready to board & we almost didn’t make it. Well finally no contact & the boss says forget it & we finally boarded. Thank goodness for the music. I’m finally trying to relax. Alvin is like a child he is so excited. It’s 2:40 PM & we are taking off. After instructions on life raft & life jacket I’m settling down. Here we go. Movie for today is 25th hour with Anthony Quinn, Virna Lisi. Bon Voyage Chicago. This time I’m not as emotional as I was the first time. Yes I am now an old pro. I recommend the movie. It was excellent.

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