Here I track some of the projects I’ve worked on. Enjoy!

  • Bullet List Control for Xamarin.Forms – Need an HTML-like bullet list in your Xamarin app? Check out my open source Xamarin control.
  • Code Link – Visual Studio extension that makes it easy to share your code location with other developers.
  • CrimeWatch – Software and system for keeping communities safe. After a single year, the City of Fishers realized 10 arrests and hundreds of citizen-reported incidents. Won an honorable mention at the 2017 Mira Awards! Acquired in 2019.
  • Daily Ding – App to replace those cardboard fundraiser cards at schools with a digital version, with schools keeping 80%+ of the revenue instead 50%. Changing the fundraising game.
  • Fishers Tests! CoViD Testing App – App I wrote to assist the City of Fishers process incoming patients.
  • Meals On The Go – A free app created in collaboration with Indy Parks and a Park Tudor High School Student to ensure kids don’t go hungry during the summer.
  • Micro Adventure – A website based on the 1980s book series, where you used BASIC programs to get from chapter to chapter. A great tool for teaching kids and teens programming!


Here are the books I’ve written or tech edited:

  • Hacking the PSP (Wiley) – A book I wrote about hacking Sony’s PlayStation Portable. Two editions, one for the first gen PSP, and then another covering the second. The best-selling PSP enthusiast and modding book.
  • Geek My Ride (Wiley) – A book I wrote about adding technology to vehicles.
  • Hacking Digital Cameras (Wiley) – A book I co-authored about getting the most out of your digital camera.
  • Beginning Access 2007 VBA – A book I tech edited.