Have you tried Microsoft My Phone?

Posted: July 25, 2009 in Clubhouse Posts (Computers, Software, and Internet)

My screen broke yesterday. Company was in town and they needed to reach me. Uh-oh, I needed to get my phone fixed, and wipe out my sensitive data before I do. That means I’d also have to go re-sync my phone at the office, lose my text messages and call history, wouldn’t recognize incoming calls, and would basically lose the “state” of my digital life. Or… would I?

Thanks to Microsoft My Phone, a free service that’s in beta right now at http://myphone.microsoft.com, I was able to wipe my phone and have it repaired with no worries. Once I got my phone back, I simply installed My Phone, signed with with my Live ID, and presto – my contacts, calendar entries, text messages, settings and more were transferred to my phone. No computer connection needed. Communications tragedy averted.

Microsoft My Phone

  1. Mike says:

    So is this site like Windows Live Skydrive except you\’re backing up your phone information? This will be a great feature for users.

  2. Auri says:

    Microsoft is listening! Windows Mobile 6.5 will INCLUDE My Phone. Excellent!

  3. ARJUN says:

    Wow!!Microsoft is really on top….a service such as this could make a lot of difference in the market.

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