Experience the Nissan Fully Autonomous Vehicle

Posted: October 1, 2013 in Automotive, Autonomous Vehicle, Car, CEATEC, Japan, Makuhari, Nissan, Telematics, Travel

Today I had the unique opportunity to experience a fully autonomous – i.e. no actual driving required – vehicle, a prototype. From being a concept vehicle a few short years ago to now an automobile actually allowed on the road, Nissan’s EV-that-could has made incredible progress. I have included the video below, including a Q&A with one of Nissan’s engineers.

Nissan’s Fully Autonomous Vehicle at CEATEC 2013
  1. williambach says:

    I like the blue and red lighting underneath the vehicle depending on the mode it is in. Blue = Autonomous, Red = Manual or waiting/evaluating? Aurir, was the red light indicating a Manual mode?

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