A few notes about Japan

Posted: September 30, 2007 in Travel
  • There are many Toyotas, but I have seen no Lexus models. I’ve seen one Nissan, but no Infiniti. Mercedes, BMW, few and far between. Alas, I haven’t spotted a single American car.
  • Finding a pharmacy is difficult – and once found, I saw no Advil.
  • There are many McDonald’s.
  • On escalators, people instinctively know to stand to the left, letting those who want to walk down escalators walk/run down the right.
  • They drive on the left side of the road.
  • Most cars are small. I have yet to see an SUV.
  • They care about recycling here. Everywhere you go there are recycling bins. Convenience stores have bins at check-out to place your receipt for when it won’t be kept.
  • McDonald’s doesn’t have mayonaise in packets, but they can put it on your sandwich.
  • Flash memory is about twice as expensive here than in the States.
  • Everything is smaller.
  • I have seen practically no homeless.
  • There is a slot in the hotel room for the room key. Without the room key inserted, the air conditioning and other appliances have no power. Nice way to save energy!
  • It seems to rain all the time here.
  • It is a rarity for stores to open at 9am here. If they aren’t 24-hours, they open up between 10am and Noon.
  • You should speak basic Japanese phrases here – hello / goodbye / thank you / excuse me. If you speak English, you will get smiles, but oftentime little understanding.
  • If security stops you, just keep speaking English. They go away.


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