Italian in Japan… Interesting!

Posted: September 30, 2007 in Uncategorized
Well, you would think it would be different, and you’d be right.
A few notes on eating Italian food in Japan – at least, based on my experience at ONE restaurant…
  • Refills are not free. Iced tea is $4, and it has ice… That refill? Another $4!
  • The pizza was very good. I ordered a "half and half," where I could choose what I wanted on each half. One half was potato and mayonaise with some Japanese herbs and spices, the other half – a margarita pizza… basil, mozzarellllllla, and tomato.
  • There was no pepper at the table. Bummer with the Caesar salad.
  • There were no plate settings. There’s a basket with spoons and forks. I’d actually liked to have tried eating the salad with chopsticks.
  • The tiramisu tasted like Eckeridge Farms frozen stuff, but it was good.
  • The tables next to me ordered pasta. They used Tabasco Sauce on their pasta… Japanese pepper, maybe?
  • Pizza: $14, Drinks (iced tea + refill): $8, Tiramisu: $4. Caesar Salad: $8. Yowsa!
  • This was the only Italian place I found in a one-mile radius.
  • There were a number of Indian places, but not a single Chinese restaurant.

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