Scripting Class: Assignment Due Friday, September 5

Posted: August 29, 2008 in Uncategorized

Your assignment, due September 5:

Create a Shopping Cart

Business Rules:

  1. Display list of products for selection, including prices
  2. Allow user to Select from that list and Enter a Quantity and add that item to the Shopping Cart
  3. Allow user to View the Shopping Cart
  4. Allow user to Update Quantity or use 0 to signify they want to remove an item
  5. Allow user to Check Out, with Check Out screen showing all items being purchased, their prices, and a total price
  6. Check Out Screen should also require the user to enter their First and Last Name, Shipping Address, and Email Address
  7. Upon successfully filling out the Check Out Screen, the user should be taken to a Thank You page, which should summarize the order and show where it’s shipping

Concepts Used:

  • Arrays
  • Session
  • Loops
  • Include Files
  • Comments

Please email or call me with any questions!

Have a great Labor Day weekend!



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