Dell’s Executive Support Resolution – Based in India?

Posted: December 16, 2008 in Uncategorized

Yep… wrote a letter to Dell CEO Michael Dell and received a phone call from the "corporate Executive Resolution Team." Where are they based? INDIA. Sheesh, didn’t know Dell had its corporate HQ in India!

I don’t like Dell anymore. They lie on their Web site about product capabilities, and then their own executives outsource serious customer service problems.

Note to Dell: Improve your customer service by making it clear you care about your customers. U.S. customers don’t want a call center calling them and saying sorry and that they can’t do anything to fix the problem. I don’t need a phone call to tell me you don’t want to do the right thing.

Here’s a copy of my letter to Dell:

December 6, 2008

FROM: Auri Rahimzadeh

TO: Michael Dell, CEO

To whom it may concern:

I recently purchased a Dell Studio 15 Laptop via your online system, order #554634398. I ordered practically every option on the device. However, I also wanted two additional features: Sprint Mobile Broadband, and Vista 64-bit. According to your Web site, these options are available for the Studio 15. However, according to your chat sales team, they are not. See below for what your Web site has:

<< image removed >>

So, I placed the order anyway, with 4 GB of RAM since your sales team said 4 GB of RAM would definitely work in Windows Vista, even though 32-bit Vista doesn’t support more than 3 GB.

After mulling it over a bit, I decided to call your sales team to find out if these options really weren’t available on the Studio 15. The nice lady I spoke with told me that indeed the options were available, and all I had to do was call your “Order Re-Entry” phone number. She transferred me, told them the story, and they started on changing my order.

Unfortunately, during the phone call, I was disconnected. The girl helping me was very nice, but she apparently couldn’t call back.

I called back and spoke to a gentleman this time. He tried changing the order, but your system wouldn’t let him add 64-bit Vista. It would, however, let him add the Sprint broadband card. He put me on hold to change the order, and two minutes later I was disconnected.

I called back a third time, reaching yet another gentleman. I asked to speak with a supervisor. He transferred me to a pre-recorded message about returns, and I was disconnected.

I called back for the fourth time, not including my initial call to sales. I reached another gentleman and asked to speak with a supervisor. He wanted to help me instead of sending me to a supervisor. I told him No, and he transferred me.

The supervisor answered, told me he could modify my order but couldn’t add 64-bit Vista nor could he guarantee the Sprint Mobile Broadband card. He also told me I could order the part separately, but that’s all. Oh, and if I canceled my order, I wouldn’t get it until after Christmas.

So, I called the parts department, and they couldn’t find the Sprint Mobile Broadband card anywhere in their system.

I really have a headache now. I have 1 GB more RAM than the system you sold me can use. I was disconnected four times when your team tried correcting the order. I still don’t have a Sprint Mobile Broadband card, even though your Web site says it’s an option on the Studio 15. I still don’t have 64-bit Vista, again even though your own Web site says it’s available.

So what do I do? I want an apology, that’s for sure. I don’t want to cancel my order because I really like the laptop design and options. I want that broadband card, but your system just doesn’t want to let me have it, whether it be an incompetent sales force or an order system that won’t allow items on your Web site to be ordered or a Web site that’s just plain wrong.

As a business owner, this makes me never want to buy another Dell product. Regardless of how good or bad the Dell product I [hopefully] receive this month meets my needs, I’m taking my business elsewhere.


Auri Rahimzadeh
Dissatisfied Dell Customer
Editor, Consultant’s Corner, ASP.NET Pro Magazine
Author, 5 Books
Business Owner

  1. Michel says:

    do you still have the phone number… i can\’t seem to find it

  2. Auri says:

    Phone number to what? Dell support or Dell "corporate resolution"? 😛

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