Cool Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts

Posted: May 3, 2009 in Uncategorized

Microsoft has been gradually adding more and more keyboard shortcuts to Windows. They’ve really outdone themselves in Windows 7. Thank goodness for the Windows key!

Try this out once you get the release candidate:

  • image + Up: Maximize current window
  • image + Down: Restore / Minimize current window (finally!!!)
  • image + Left: Snap current window to left, press again to snap to right, and again to restore original position
  • image + Right: Snap current window to right, press again to snap to left, and again to restore original position
  • image + Shift + Left: Jump to left monitor
  • image + Shift + Right: Jump to right monitor
  • image + Home: Minimize / Restore all other windows
  • image + T: Focus the first taskbar entry
  • image + Space: Aero Peek at the desktop and running Gadgets
  • image + G: Bring gadgets to the top
  • image + P: External display options (mirror, extend desktop, etc)
  • image + X: Mobility Center (presentation mode, mute, etc.)
  • image + 1-9: Launch/Switch to that item in the Superbar (new name for the task bar)
  • image + D: Show the Desktop, press again to hide it
  • Here’s a preview of what to expect when you use some of these:

    Using Aero Peek

    Look at all those windows. But I want to see my stocks and the weather!


    Oh, I’ll just press image + Space and…


    Nice! And I just let go of image + Space and I’m back to normal.

    Yes, I could have also pressed image + G. But Aero Peek is cooler.

    External Display Options

    Press Win + P and you get the following super easy way to switch your monitor setup:


    Convenient! No more fumbling around the control panel or remembering “just which function key you have to press.”

    Snap to Right (Snap to Left is opposite)

    Before Snap to Right:


    After Snap to Right:


    Pressing the key continuously will “cycle”, so if you press image+Right, your window will snap to the right as expected. Press it again and it will snap to the left. Press it again and it will come back to where it originated. Yes, Windows remembers the original position, even if you change windows.

    Many of these shortcuts came from this URL.

    If you have any other shortcuts to share, please do!

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