Netbook photos from Japan

Posted: October 9, 2009 in Clubhouse Posts (Computers, Software, and Internet)

I was in Japan visiting the CEATEC 2009 technology trade show this week and had a chance to visit Intel’s booth. There was an enormous display of netbooks running Windows 7. Now, small computers have never been a rarity in Japan. We just call them netbooks in the U.S., but they’ve had super small systems for years now. Anyway, Intel was showing some very cool designs for netbooks, and I’ve posted them here for you to enjoy 🙂 Some of these will be available Stateside, like the Disney Netbooks. Others may never see the light of day, such as Sony’s OLED flexible notebook concept.

Intel's cool netbook display.

I know people who would want this Acer Aspire One, but wow…

Intel's cool netbook display.

Dynabook with cool design… I’m pretty sure that’s custom paint

Intel's cool netbook display. This is a Disney netbook.

Disney Netbook

Sony's flexible-screen Vaio laptop concept.

Sony’s flexible OLED notebook concept

Intel's Windows 7 display.

Windows 7 display at Intel’s booth



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