Synths from Japan: Panasonic Shows Us How to Go Green

Posted: October 9, 2009 in Uncategorized

I was in Japan this week for CEATEC 2009. Part of our press tour included visiting Panasonic Center in Tokyo. I took about 147 images and created some photosynths for all to enjoy. Being resource-restricted, Japan often sets the bar for “eco” initiatives, making sure less is more, and that resources are never wasted. For example, just like being polite, recycling is part of the culture; you won’t find a trash can every 10 feet as you do in the United States, but you will find many recycling bins with appropriate slots for plastic, paper, and so forth.

The first room is a garden room, where Panasonic is displaying televisions that use less and less energy, washing machines that detect stains and use only the right amount of water to address them, and more. Many of these technologies are available in Panasonic products available today or this year.

>> View

The second room is applied sciences, and how Panasonic is trying to affect future products and consumer behaviors. For example, an angled washing machine so users don’t have to bend over or fully bend down to load or unload the machine.

>> View


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