Windows Phone 7 Series Development Session Notes – Auri’s Journal

Posted: March 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

Notes from Joe Belfiore’s introduction to Windows Phone 7 Series session.

  • Front facing camera on phones
  • Microsoft is writing entire phone dialer stack
  • Not relying on OEMs from many of the things they had to do before
  • GPS, proximity sensor, accelerometer
  • Target: Life Maximizer – 38 year old individual, 78% employed, 76% in a relationship; cares about their work email; slightly more inclined to buy a more expensive device
  • Accent colors on tiles are customizable
  • MMS is very cool
  • Office is looking awesome – how high res will these displays be? I wanna see Word… doesn’t look like a half-baked app anymore
  • No mention of background apps
  • Camera hardware spec: Minimum 5 megapixel image with a flash
  • You don’t have to have a PC to be a Windows phone user. Of course, no mention of a Mac client.
  • Windows Phone icon in the Zune software.
  • ActiveSync is GONE. Yahoo!
  • The phone will be able to sync wirelessly, just like Zune! If you are connected to your home network, you’re automatically synced. The full resolution version of all the photos will be taken off your phone every time you charge, since they found many people never take the photos off their phone.
  • Whenever you plug in to power, syncing takes place.
  • Game requests can be received on the phone, so you can start playing phone games with your friends. You can also be notified of when it’s "your turn," so if you’re playing chess with a friend, you’ll get a note that it’s your turn.

Figure: Office Excel for Windows Phone 7 Series.

Figure: Windows Phone in Zune.

Figure: “Your Turn” feature

Hardware Specifications

Capacitive Touch: 4 or more contact points
Sensors: A-GPS, Accelerometer, Compass, Light, Proximity
Camera: 5 megapixels or more, Camera
Multimedia: Common detailed specs, Codec acceleration
Memory: 256 MB, 8 GB Flash or more
GPU: DirectX 9 acceleration
Processor: ARMv7 Cortex/SCorpion or better
2 screen sizes: 480×800 WVGA, 480×320 HVGA
Keyboard: Optional
Hardware Buttons: Must be fixed on the face

Figure: Hardware specifications.

Phone that you’ve been seeing in all the demos until now is an ASUS.

Also showed LG phone with keyboard and Samsung Slate with cool photo capabilities.

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