Introducing the “Meet the Masters” Series at Bourbon Bartender

Posted: November 20, 2022 in Uncategorized

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while… Talk with master distillers and others in the industry and see what their job is like. Most YouTube channels, blogs, and so forth celebrate the drinking aspect of bourbon, whiskey, and other spirits. What about the industry? What’s it like to be the part of the team that makes all this great stuff? And thus, my new Meet the Masters series was born. It’s part of my Bourbon Bartender channel, where I try to educate others on all things bourbon and whiskey.

In my first installment, I had the grand opportunity to interview Steve Nally, Bardstown Bourbon’s master distiller. Steve’s a great guy. Funny, a storyteller, and wise in the ways of distillation and whiskeycraft. I drove down to Louisville the night before, imbibed a bit, then headed to Bardstown. Much to my surprise, they have EV charging stations! The distillery is going through a multi-million dollar expansion, enabled after the investment by Pritzker.

Steve and I had lunch, then a great interview. It’s fascinating how similar our two occupations are – he’s crafting whiskey, and I’m crafting software. There’s so much process and quality control, and at the same time creativity and a focus on teamwork.

After the interview, I stayed the night at the Old Talbott Inn and closed the bar with a few new found friends. The next day, I headed home, eager to figure out how to edit video with two camera angles.

Enjoy the video!

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