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I recently bought a 3D Systems 3rd Generation Cubify 3D printer. I promised a friend we could print his mom a 3D box with her name embossed across a ribbon for Mother’s Day. That’s when this issue reared it’s ugly head: the software would simply say “File not found” or “Bad file” on various STL files – representing various parts of the box – and refusing to print. So what was causing this? I had a Mother’s Day present to print!

It turns out the Cubify software doesn’t like special characters in the STL filenames. So, quotes and dashes appear to be verboten. My guess is they’re running a command line tool in the background in an ill-advised way – ahem, directly instead of through .NET’s proper command calls – and the quotes and dashes end up being interpreted as paths or command line arguments, and failing.

The solution? Rename the file to something simpler and with no special characters.

If you’re running into this issue, please let me know in the comments. I’m fully convinced Cubify doesn’t test their software all that well. I wonder if they are the ilk following the “unit tests passed, therefore it works” mantra.