Dell Not Shipping Studio 15 – Supply Shortages

Posted: December 30, 2008 in Uncategorized

Ok, Dell called me today. They told me my order was still delayed, like I didn’t already know that. They also told me the reason is that the design AND the MOTHERBOARD are backordered.

Vijay, the Dell rep, gave me two options:

1. Continue waiting, or
2. Cancel my order and re-submit it.

Ok, so if I take option 2, doesn’t that send me to the back of the line? Well, yes, it would, said Vijay. Well, then WHY would I do that???

Actually, the two options are:

1. Continue waiting, or
2. Cancel the order.

Now, to add insult to injury, Vijay, after telling me about the two week delay, sends me an email saying my new estimated ship date is January 2. Wait, didn’t he just tell me over the phone, not ten minutes prior, that the parts were backordered 2 weeks? Well, apparently he didn’t remember that.

It’s too late for me to have a cool new laptop for CES. I placed this order on Dec. 2.

Anyone have ideas on what I should do next? I really want that design. I heard Dell’s going to have a Studio XPS line coming at CES, so if that happens, I’ll cancel my order for one of those.

Man, Dell sucks.

P.S.: They called me twice in the past two days, but I’ve been busy. They sent me an email as well, with a number to call. Yep, you guessed it – I called the number, and I was disconnected twice when being transferred. The third time I called – and this is my 20+ call to Dell, most of which have been disconnections – it didn’t transfer me to Vijay… it transferred me to an indefinite hold pattern on their order status line.

Michael Dell, are you listening?

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