Breakthrough! I got an AWESOME English Speaking Dell Rep!

Posted: December 27, 2008 in Uncategorized

Ok, I finally figured out how to NOT get an Indian guy if you’re trying to find out what’s up with your Dell order. Oh, and the Indian call centers apparently don’t have the tools to find out WHY your order is delayed.

Enter the ORDER MODIFICATION DEPARTMENT. Yes, these guys appear to be in the U.S., speak perfect English, understand sarcasm (SWEET!) and were able to tell me exactly why my order was delayed. That’s all I wanted to know! THANKS!

To reach them, call 800-247-2076. If Dell changes the number, just as for the department I mentioned above.

It turns out the reason my order hasn’t shipped is the design I chose for the cover. Apparently it’s out of stock. However, the nice guy on the phone explained to me my order is in PRIORITY 1 status – hopefully because of my letter to Michael Dell and Paul Bell.

Oh, and just to give you a bit more history on all the work I’ve put into this nightmare:

… Tracking the Order Status …

12/5 – 12/23: "In Production" According to Web Site

12/23: Build Stage according to Phone – says "In Production" and specifically "Build Stage", message about part shortages.

12/24: Build Stage according to Phone – says "In Production" and specifically "Build Stage", message about part shortages.

12/25: Build Stage according to Phone – says "In Production" and specifically "Build Stage", no more message about part shortages.

12/26: Called Customer Service and they said they’re missing parts for my computer. No other details. Said computer is scheduled to be to me by 1/5/2009, but that’s just an estimate. So, I’m not holding out much hope I’ll ever get this computer. Total hold time was about 10 minutes.

12/26, used online Unresolved Issues form, and sent the folling info:

"I’m not sure what to do anymore. This laptop is taking forever to get. I ordered it 12/2. It’s been in the "In Production" stage for weeks. When I call in, the pre-recorded lady tells me all the parts available. I received a phone call from corporate customer care, oddly in India, and they said all the parts are available. I called in today and I’m told parts aren’t available and they don’t know when my laptop will arrive. Now, I ordered *every* option on this laptop, even a four year warranty – it’s a $2,100 machine! But I’m treated poorly by scripting people I can’t understand, and they all work to keep me away from any managers. PLEASE HELP ME! I’m going nuts – this is a huge difference from my experience as a corporate customer!"

  1. Unknown says:

    Blah, tried it. Got some guy named Pashal Hazmazahded. Though to his credit, he spoke/understood more English than they normally do. Thanks for the tip though, it was worth a shot. Just FYI, if you plan on buying through Dell, I suggest looking for something comparable in the outlet, and upgrading it yourself. Most likely it will be cheaper that way, and from my understanding the outlet machines ship from the US.

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