IdeaCom HID Touch Screen Disables TouchPad in Vista

Posted: January 14, 2009 in Computers and Internet

Ok, started having this problem yesterday after Windows Update did its job. Now my mouse won’t work, and the IdeaCom HID Touch Screen is what’s disabling it. I don’t have a tablet PC, so why Vista installed this, I’m not entirely sure. Ugh. Vista won’t give me the option to disable the driver, either. Why it disables the touchpad, I have no idea. Boy, that’s annoying!

So, to get my TouchPad back "permanently", I did the following:

  1. Go to Start menu, select Computer, and use the "menu" key on to select Manage. The Menu key is usually to the right of the space bar, and looks like a menu with a mouse pointer.
  2. I used my arrow keys to select Device Manager and Tabbed over to Devices.
  3. I selected Human Interface Devices, and there was the IdeaCom driver. I used the Menu key on it and selected Uninstall Driver. Make sure you check the delete driver checkbox when prompted!
  4. I restarted my computer as Vista commanded.
  5. After restarting, Vista reinstalled my Dell Touchpad driver. Again, I had to restart.
  6. Vista came back up and all was happy again in Auriville.

Note: I have Vista 64-bit, Service Pack 1. Amount of memory and hard drive space doesn’t matter.

  1. Andrew says:

    Thanks, the same thing happened to me after updating. I am still able to use my Bluetooth mouse. I was confused about why Windows wanted to install this touchscreen update too. I think my computer is now attempting to connect to my HP iPAQ 6945 via Bluetooth to use its touchscreen (maybe).I\’m going to follow your steps to uninstall the new driver, I was going to try that anyway but wanted to be sure that it would do the trick first. Thanks for trying it first!

  2. Andrew says:

    Just did it, mine worked exactly as you described. Thanks again.

  3. Auri says:

    Awesome. I\’m glad to hear it worked 🙂 I was almost worried, since I had *just* received my new laptop… But now all is good in the universe 🙂

  4. Jan says:

    Thanks! It works! I spend many hours investigating, why the touch pad stopped working 😦

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