CES: DTS Shows 11.1 Sound, Massive Fail on DTS-HD 7.1 Demo

Posted: January 11, 2009 in Uncategorized

DTS had a cool demo of 11.1 sound. Unfortunately, the room was way too small for such a demo. Way cool, though, just the possibilities. They chained two receivers together for the demo.

The best part was the DTS-HD Master Audio demo… It’s supposed to be 7.1 96 KHz audio. Umm, but they played it through a Playstation 3, which doesn’t actually output DTS-HD, it only decodes it and transcodes it to Linear PCM 48 KHz. So, end result: Linear PCM 7.0 instead of DTS-HD 96KHz 7.1. Ouch. Oh, and they didn’t believe a word I said.

I’d like to know which engineer did the setup on this. If he or she had simply looked at the receiver, they would have seen the audio wasn’t being decoded as intended. All they had to use was a different player. I applaud DTS for having fairly affordable equipment for the demo, though – that’s cool that they’re showing that consumers could readily buy at an upscale A/V store.

Guess they should have read my blog post from a year ago… The PS3 doesn’t support bitstream DTS-HD, so it downsamples it and transcodes to Linear PCM. Funny thing is, their PR brought out a technician who told me they passed the PS3 with extensive tests. Wait, but the technician didn’t actually know this when I pressed him on it, so it was pretty obvious he was flat out making things up. Wow, that’s lame. All I wanted to do was help them so they could do a proper demo of their technology, and they dissed me.

  1. Denis says:

    no one likes to hear the truth

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