CES Day 4

Posted: January 10, 2009 in Uncategorized

Found a few interesting items today:

  • ZeeVee ZvBox – Takes Internet video and pipes it over your in-house cable connections via Clear QAM. So, start streaming video on any PC in your home with a ZV box, and any television with a cable jack capable of tuning Clear QAM – most sets from the past year + can – and that content will start playing on that TV, or any TV. Way cool. $250 for show attendees, or folks using the special code CES91173 on their Web site. They have a higher end model that also accepts component video input and spreads that across the home, no DRM other than an embedded watermark. Hmmm, interesting…
    • From the Press Release: …ZvBox, a device that broadcasts everything on your computer display to all the HDTVs in the home by building a new HDTV channel. ZeeVee’s free Zviewer software provides a “living room” video browser to any content. ZvRemote and ZvKeyboard help play that content from the couch.
  • Ipevo showed off Wi-Fi capable video frames, something I’ve wanted to see for a long time. I believe Sony has them as well, but possibly not as many, and these can be either portrait or landscape. Send them an RSS feed, or multiple RSS feeds, and they display. Nice. Now all we need is a device with cell phone data network capabilities so we don’t need the WiFi connection. Hello, grandma & grandpa – your photos have arrived!
  • Speck had a great laptop bag with perfect pockets for all different document types, adapters, and more.

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