BluRay: The Human Interface Failure Designed by a Committee

Posted: February 9, 2009 in Uncategorized

I just want to throw this out there – WHY can’t a BluRay Disc Pause Properly? It runs more like a computer application instead of a movie.

On my laptop’s BD player, my Samsung player, and my Sony player, if you lose power you can’t just "start back up" where you left off. No, the entire menu system has to load, then you have to select the scene that was closest to where you left off, if you even know…

HD DVD had no problem with resuming play. Why can’t a bunch of CE companies get simple playback right? 30+ seconds just to start a movie unless you have a PS3 or PC, and those are now more than twice as expensive as a cheap BD player.

BD is an IP camel. It’s designed by a committee saying "let’s stick every piece of bloated IP in here just so we have something to compete with and who cares about the customer… they’ll buy it." Yeah, BD looks better than any streaming video out there, but the usability – not functionality – pales in comparison to DVD, which starts up instantly, and works flawlessly.

Hey, don’t give me a "it’s still a young technology" line – this is an evolutionary technology, not revolutionary. It’s simply the result of a lack of proper human interface engineering.

Will it ever be fixed? Yes. As CE manufacturers improve the software with patches to get around this stuff, and as much more powerful processors become cost effective to include, then sheer processor speed will help solve the problem. This is evident in the PS3 working like a champ – 8 processor cores and never sleeping during playback – and my dual 2.5 GHz core laptop, except for when it comes back from sleep. However, for the majority of consumers searching for a high definition video delivery format to adopt, stuck with the $200 BD players instead of the $399+ PS3, they’re still the victim of this poor planning – the "lipstick on a pig approach" for now.

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