Tip: Access Your Computers From Anywhere

Posted: February 13, 2009 in Uncategorized

So, you need to check if that file is on your home computer, but you’re at work. Boy, it sure stinks that you’d have to buy software for such remote access. The free stuff has a lot of issues getting through firewalls.

Or does it?

Welcome to Windows Live Mesh. Enjoy free remote access to all the computers in your mesh, and synchronize files across all of them. Start a document at home, save it to a Mesh folder, just like any regular Windows folder, and access the document when you get to the office. How cool is that? No need for a thumb drive! Best part – it’s free!

Get it now at www.mesh.com.

P.S. It runs on Macs, too, although the remote desktop isn’t offered for the Mac. If a Cupertino computer is part of your lifestyle, you don’t have to worry about file accessibility. Thanks, Redmond, that’s cool. You get five gigabytes of free storage as well.

(Hopefully cloud-based file sync will be coming soon… ping!)

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