Never Be Rude Texting Again: Mobliza, The Away Message for Your Windows Mobile Phone

Posted: April 10, 2009 in Uncategorized

Have you ever been to a meeting, only to be hit with many text message interruptions? Have you been at work and received messages, and you just *have* to respond? What about being out to dinner, and text messages come flying in?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could tell them all you’re busy? Just like an instant messenger?

Well now you can. Introducting Mobliza, my free utility to save you from being rude.

Get it now:

Mobliza installs on any Windows Mobile 6 Professional device, like an HTC Touch Pro or AT&T Fuze. I haven’t tried it with dozens of phones, but it should work fine.

Mobliza has three modes:

AWAY: Automatically create canned messages to tell contacts you’re away. Simply check the Away box and you’re done. Mobliza tracks all the texts that come in, and you can respond if you need to.


AUTO: Just for fun – have Mobliza carry on conversations all by itself. Just make sure you’re cool with a computer doing the chatting for you. Seriously.

MOBLIZA: Basically this is the Auto mode, but between you and Mobliza instead of someone sending texts to your phone. It’s more of a game. Try "tell me a joke".

I hope you get a lot of use from this app. It’s saved me in a lot of meetings, when driving, and at dinner.

No longer will you have the urge to respond to every text message when you’re busy doing something else!

Mobliza is Copyright (c) The Auri Group, LLC, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

  1. Pickles says:

    If you have a blackberry, there is a program called I-Reply which you can download at . It sets an away message for text messages (SMS) and also for e-mail.

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