Announcing: I Left My Phone At Home

Posted: January 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

Ever leave your phone at home? It’s no fun to drive back just to make sure you don’t miss that important call, text, appointment…

My company’s latest app, I Left My Phone At Home ( is a Windows Phone application that solves this problem!

  • Tracks all missed text messages and phone calls
  • Quickly respond to all your text messages, online!
  • Simple, secure Web site for seeing your missed calls, texts, appointment, and more!
  • See your voicemails and battery life
  • See your next appointment and number of emails
  • No need to drive home to get your phone
  • No service charges – pay once, and that’s it!
  • Free updates!

You can purchase I Left My Phone At Home on Handango or on the Windows Mobile Marketplace.


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