Where is the Windows App Store?

Posted: January 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

With App Stores on mobile phones making software shopping simple and impulsive, why can’t the same be done for Windows PCs and desktops in general?

Look at the facts:

  • There are at least 69 million broadband users in the United States. Downloading games, office software – even annoying farting apps – would be fast and easy.
  • No media distribution means potential for lower prices. No CD or DVD stamping, no need to worry about the next storage format for distribution – just download it to your computer and you’re done.
  • Got a new computer? Need another license? Get it from the App Store.
  • There’s an update available! Download and install it now! How nice would that be? It works on Mobile phones with 500 MHz processors and partially reliable data connections. What about the PC that sits plugged in?
  • Security issues be gone!
  • Software developers have been painfully slow in getting automatic updates out to their consumers. Wouldn’t it be nice if the App Store took care of all this for them?
  • Is this what Apple may eventually do to tie all its products together? Who knows, but good idea…

What do you think?

Comments, please!


  1. Yiannis says:

    Hey AuriIt looks that Intel is on the same wavelength. Have you seen their version of an App Store for netbooks?http://www.intel.com/consumer/products/appup.htmYiannis

  2. Ram Prasad says:

    Windows 7 / 8 should have an app store that runs all the apps that are developed to that platform.Should also be able to run the apps from the windows phone 7 series apps in a sandbox.This way they\’ll promote both native apps for both windows and the phone

  3. Joe says:


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