Windows Phone Developers: Stay cool, at least until MIX

Posted: March 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

To all my Windows Phone Developer Friends –

There’s a lot of speculation, spin in the press, and [deserved] poor sentiment towards Microsoft and the handling of Windows Mobile development going forward.

That being said, we haven’t seen anything yet, and we won’t until MIX!

Let’s stay cool until we get the tools, and hear how things will play out. Then we can have informed opinions.

Remember, Microsoft is an 800 pound gorilla. They can build and shatter markets – not like they used to, but they can still do it.

And I think they can with mobile.

Windows Phone 7 Series – we all know this – is a necessary "reset" as they are calling it.

Writing apps has been easy, but our apps have required a lot of extra work to build great UIs. The OS has had more leaks than Swiss cheese.

I think Microsoft did the right thing. For those of us who have been writing apps using .NET for years, we continue to leverage that knowledge, and the ease of use of building apps. Have you tried writing an app in Objective C? How about trying to call a Web service in Android?

I feel we’re going to get good news out of MIX. The rest of the development platform at Microsoft (mobile) is hopefully finally catching up. Oh, and they’re opening up an opportunity (it seems) for single development multiple platform – write an app using XNA / Silverlight / WhateverisannouncedatMIX and you can sell it on Windows Phone, Zune and XBox 360. You should also be able to port your desktop apps, and tie them together with other Microsoft (and other) platforms more easily.

Of course, I don’t want to start on the speculation route.

So, that’s my $1.05 for the day. Enjoy 🙂



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