MIX 10 Swag

Posted: March 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

Ok, I’m at MIX and the swag is in. No, the “you get a Windows Phone 7 Series” are NOT true – yet. There were a lot of rumors, so let’s dispel those now:

  • NO Windows Phone 7 Series
  • NO Free Zune Windows Phone 7 Series Development Kit
  • NO Windows Phone 7 Series SDK (yet!)
  • NO advanced electronic hardware has been handed out yet whatsoever

Even the #mix10 conference folks tweeted to dispel the rumors. Apparently it got pretty out of hand 🙂

But there has been some pretty cool swag so far (images are below):

  • Cool name badges with Windows logo + zipper
  • Awesome “Love the Web Together” T-Shirt
  • Pencils galore (umm, ok)
  • Magic 8 Ball (typical MS conference fare)
  • Microsoft Translator Leeds timer
  • “Field Notes” notebook – pretty cool since it says “The Brutality of MIX Online”
  • MIX 10 playing cards and water bottle

Figure: Name badge.


Figure: The T-Shirt.


Clockwise from left: There are pencils in that tube! Magic 8 Ball, Field Notes, HP Pen (no e-Ink), and MIX 10 Playing Cards.

Figure: Pencils.

IMAG0078  The “Field Notes” notebook.

The timer + clock.

Ooh! A water bottle! It says Windows Phone, though, so that’s cool 🙂 No, the laptop was NOT handed out.

More coming after the keynote… will try to live blog, but pffbt…

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